Grants for Infertility Treatment: Affording IVF

 Are grants available to help pay for fertility treatment? How do you apply, and what are the granting organizations looking for? Host Dawn Davenport interviewed Lisa Duran, Director of Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, a non profit organization that assists couples in paying for fertility treatments not covered by health insurance; and Dr. Camille Hammond, Director of the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, which provides grants to assist needy infertile families.

Hit the Highlights
  • Ways to afford for fertility treatment:
    • Health insurance: some states mandate coverage, but other times companies include it in their policy as a benefit. Ask to make sure.
    • Save: many radio shows on the Creating a Family website on this topic
    • Lower cost IVF by choosing a clinic that markets itself as lower cost
    • Clinic discount programs/bundled packages/money back policies
    • Saving money on fertility meds
    • Going abroad, although that usually only saves money on more advanced treatments such as egg donation or surrogacy. Use caution.
    • Loans: either through your clinic, through a company that specializes in fertility loans, or through your bank
    • Fundraising
    • Grants
  • What grants are available for fertility treatment? Pay it Forward, Cade Foundation.
  • Other fertility grants are available and listed on the Creating a Family website.
  • Are grants available to cover the cost of surrogacy?
  • If you are infertile as a result of cancer or cancer treatment, are there other grants available?
  • Do some fertility clinics have programs to either give an IVF cycle to a patient or substantially reduce the cost of IVF?
  • How do you select who will receive a grant?
  • Are age restrictions common with fertility grants?
  • Are BMI restrictions?
  • How do you find out about deadlines for grants to cover IVF or other infertility treatment?
  • What mistakes do you see people make when applying for a grant?
  • What type of financial information is required?
  • What are the typical fertility grant application fees?
  • Fertility treatment give-aways?
  • How do your foundations raise money for your fertility grants?

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