Finding the Right Infertility Doctor for You

There are over 900 infertility clinics in the US. How do you choose the best clinic for you? What questions should you ask? How to understand and interpret the CDC infertility clinic statistics? Join me to talk about what steps to take to find a reproductive endocrinologist.

Hit the Highlights
  • When should you move from a gynecologist to a fertility specialist?
  • Get your husband’s sperm analysis first to make sure that our first stop shouldn’t be a urologist.
  • How to get recommendations for an infertility clinic or doctor when it is not something you freely talk about?
  • Is board certification in reproductive endocrinology necessary? How to find a board certified reproductive endocrinologist?
  • What medical society and organizations should a fertility clinic be associated with?
  • Does the clinic exclude patients that fit your profile of age, FSH level, marital status, past IVF failure, or sexual orientation?
  • How to utilize the CDC and SART statistics on infertility clinics?
  • How to find out if your infertility doctor or clinic has had any complaints or disciplinary actions?
  • List of questions to ask the doctor and staff at an infertility clinic you are considering.
  • Pay attention to the embryology lab. Top Ten Tips for Avoiding Medical Mistakes, Errors, and Mix Ups in Infertility Treatment.
  • Questions to ask about the embryology laboratory.
  • Is this clinic within your insurance network?
  • Often overlooked, but practical issues to consider when choosing an infertility clinic.
  • What additional services are offered by this infertility clinic?
  • Resources for selecting an infertility doctor.

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