Embryo donation (also known as embryo adoption) can be confusing. One of the question we receive the most is how to find embryos that another couple has donated. Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support organization, interviewed Kimberly Tyson, Director of the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.


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  • What steps are involved with embryo donation?
  • What options are available for excess embryos?
  • While we are focusing this how on how to “find” embryos which pertain more to the receiving couple, the information is equally relevant to people wanting to donate their frozen embryos that remain when they are finished family building.
  • Things to consider:
    • Anonymous donation vs. identified donation.
    • Ability to facilitate contact now and in the future.
    • Dividing up embryo batches amongst different recipient families.
    • Geographic dispersion.
    • How much evaluation takes place for recipient couples?
    • How much information is shared with donating couples?
    • How much education or preparation is required of recipient couples?
    • Cost and how they charge?
  • One of the first places people who have been in fertility treatment think of is their fertility clinic.
  • Many clinics have an embryo donation program. I don’t really know the percentage.
    • What are some features of the typical clinic program?
    • Typical cost?
  • Adoption Agency Embryo Donation Program
    • Typical features?
    • Typical cost?
  • Specialized embryo donation medical clinics
    • Typical features?
    • Typical cost?
  • Self-Directed Matches
    • Typical features?
    • Typical cost?
  • Legalities of donating embryos.
  • How to ship embryos.
  • What percentage of donated embryos were created from donor egg and/or sperm?
  • Is it possible for the donating company to be reimbursed for costs for creating the embryos?
  • Is it possible to do embryo donation (embryo adoption) when you have a DUI or misdemeanors in your past?


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Image credit: Sean Molin