drugs-ivf-pileQ: We are getting ready to move to the big guns—in vitro fertilization.  We have been saving for almost a year to afford this next step in fertility treatment. In preparation for this first IVF, I was wondering where is the best and cheapest place to buy our fertility medications. Our infertility clinic has told us that they will be very expensive.

A:  Evelina Weidman Sterling,  a public health educator and researcher specializing in reproductive and women’s health issues, says: “Infertility medications ARE very expensive and can sometimes account for up to half of the cost of an IVF.  The best way to save money on medications is to be a smart shopper.  Different pharmacies will have different prices for different medications.  Once you get your list of medications from your fertility specialists, start calling around and asking about prices.  This includes not only your local pharmacy, but also specialty pharmacies (both online and brick and mortar) that focus only on fertility meds.  Also, ask about other “hidden” drug related costs like syringes, delivery charges, and return policies.

Don’t forget to check into your insurance policy as well.  Often medications are handled differently than treatments so just because you have been told that your insurance does not cover IVF does not necessarily mean they won’t help you get discounted drugs through their medication program.”


Image Credit: marcus_and_sue