Fertility Preservation and Egg Freezing

Should you consider freezing your eggs? What is involved in egg freezing and how much does it cost. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Taraneh Nazem, Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist with Reproductive Medicine Associates of NY.

In this episode, we cover:

Female Fertility 

  • Overview of female fertility.
  • What impacts fecundity?
  • How important is age in female fertility?
  • Why does age negatively impact fertility in women?
  • What other factors decrease a woman’s fertility?

Fertility Preservation

  • At what age does fertility begin to decrease?
  • What causes Diminished Ovarian Reserves?
  • What are the symptoms of Diminished Ovarian Reserves?
  • How to evaluate and diagnosis Diminished Ovarian Reserves?
  • What can women do to support their fertility and maintain optimum fertility for as long as possible?
  • Does birth control influence future fertility positively or negatively? 
  • Does exercise impact female fertility?

Egg Freezing

  • Who should consider egg freezing?
  • At what age should women consider freezing their eggs?
  • What is the egg freezing process?
  • What are the short and long-term risks of the fertility medication needed for egg freezing?
  • Do you need to have your IUD removed in order to go through an egg retrieval process?
  • How many eggs do you need to freeze to provide a fair chance of having a baby?
  •  Are women with low AMH levels a good candidate for egg freezing?
  •  How many egg retrieval cycles should you expect in order to have enough eggs for a strong chance for a baby?
  • How long can eggs be frozen?
  • Does freezing damage the eggs?
  • If you don’t use your frozen eggs can you donate them?
  • What is the success rate for frozen eggs?
  • Should you freeze eggs or freeze embryos?
  • Cost of egg freezing:
    • Initial egg retrieval. 
    • Cryopreservation storage fee. 
  • What is the process when you want to return to use your frozen eggs? 

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Music Credit: Michael Ashworth

Image Credit: Wendy van Zyl