new study from Scotland, presented at ESHRE, shows that endometriosis is associated with an increased risk of complications in pregnancy. Pregnant women with a history of endometriosis were found to be at a higher than average risk of complications while in their 3rd trimester, including hemorrhage and preterm birth. The study found that additional risks for pregnant women with a history of endometriosis include a 76% higher chance of miscarriage and a nearly three-times higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. This study is the first of its kind as previous data was limited to infertile women having assisted reproduction. The author of the study recommends that women with a diagnosis of endometriosis should be counseled about the higher risks of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy in the first trimester. Increased monitoring by ultrasound scans can lead to greater vigilance to identify potential complications and ensure better outcomes for mothers and babies.