Endometriosis 101

Endometriosis affects at least 6 million women in the US and Canada and millions more throughout the world. It is the number one cause of pelvic pain and can affect many aspects of a woman’s health and her fertility. Our guest was Dr. Naveed Khan, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist with Shady Grove Fertility Centers in the Washington, DC metro area who writes and speaks frequently on the treatment of endometriosis.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is endometriosis?
  • What are the symptoms of endometriosis?
  • What is the cause of endometriosis?
  • Is there a genetic link to endometriosis?
  • What factors increase your risk of developing endometriosis?
  • Does having endometriosis make you at greater risk for cancer?
  • Is there any relationship between endometriosis and cancer?
  • How is endometriosis diagnosed?
  • Is a definitive diagnosis necessary before treatment?
  • How is endometriosis treated?
  • When should laparoscopic surgery be considered for the treatment of endometriosis?
  • Should endometrial lesion by excised (cut away) or should a laser or electrical pulse be used?
  • Is it possible to cure endometriosis?
  • Does diet or lifestyle affect endometriosis?
  • Can endometriosis be treated through diet or lifestyle changes?
  • What options are available to treat endometriosis on the fallopian tubes?
  • How does endometriosis affect fertility?
  • Does endometriosis affect the success of infertility treatment?

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Image Credit: Robert Pratt