Egg and Ovarian Tissue Freezing




Is it possible for a woman to freeze her eggs or ovarian tissue to use later when she is ready to become a mother?  Are there any advantages to freezing eggs when going through IVF? Can frozen eggs be used for a donor egg IVF cycle? Does it cost less to use frozen eggs for a donor cycle? Is it safe to freeze your eggs? Join our guests, Dr. Dan Shapiro is the medical director of Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta and one of the founders of MyEggBank, the nation’s largest frozen donor egg bank.


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  • What is egg freezing?
  • Is egg freezing still considered experimental?
  • Are there different methods of cryopreserving human eggs or do all labs more or less do it the same?
  • What is vitrification?
  • What is the slow freeze method?
  • Which method of cryopreserving eggs is the most successful?
  • What is the risk of freezing eggs?
  • Must all egg freezing programs have an IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval?
  • How successful is egg freezing?
  • What is the live birth rate from IVF with frozen eggs?
  • Are there health impacts to the children conceived through frozen eggs?
  • Does success rate on pregnancy rates vary by lab or by the egg freezing technique used?
  • Is there a higher rate of miscarriage in pregnancies resulting from the use of frozen eggs?
  • What is the health of children conceived through frozen eggs?
  • How much does it cost to freeze a woman’s eggs?
  • How old is too old to freeze your eggs?
  • At what age should you not consider oocyte cryopreservation?
  • Should younger woman consider freezing their eggs in order to preserve their fertility?
  • Should woman freeze their eggs until they are ready to become a mother?
  • Should women freeze their eggs and postpone child bearing?
  • Can frozen eggs be used for donor egg IVF cycles?
  • Will egg freezing reduce the cost of donor egg cycles?
  • How does egg banking reduce the cost of IVF with donor egg?
  • Will egg banking affect the number of unused or leftover or excess embryos created?
  • How much information is available on egg donors who donate to an egg bank?
  • Can ovarian tissue be frozen and later implanted to create viable eggs?
  • Who is a good candidate for ovarian tissue freezing?
  • How successful is ovarian tissue cryopreservation?

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