Eating to Improve Your Fertility

Are there foods you should eat or avoid to increase your fertility? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Kathryn Flynn, author of Cooking for Fertility and the Founder of Fertile Since 2005, she has worked with men and women to improve their fertility diet and support their chances of conceiving.

Hit the Highlights
  • You start with the premise that sub-fertility is often the result of less than optimal general health. This is good common sense, but have you read research that supports this as well?
  • You rely on the dietary theories found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Please explain the basics.
  • What is the role of the kidney, spleen, and pancreas in TCM to enhance fertility.
  • How does sugar affect infertility?
  • Are there some sweeteners that are better than others?
  • Is salt discouraged in TCM when trying to conceive? Replacements?
  • Is wheat or gluten discouraged in TCM when trying to conceive? Replacements?
  • Information on vegetarianism and fertility. Do vegetarians have a harder time getting pregnant?
  • What proteins are best to promote fertility?
  • Is dairy discouraged in TCM when trying to conceive? Replacements?
  • Why do you recommend whole fat dairy over skim?
  • Why do you recommend goat or sheep dairy over cow dairy?
  • What about the popular milk alternatives: soy, almond, coconut?
  • Are fats discouraged in TCM when trying to conceive?
  • What are the best fats?
  • Coffee, tea?
  • What rules apply when using IVF and preparing for egg retrieval?
  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine cooked foods, especially those simmer slowly in liquids (soups) increase fertility. Why is this?
  • You say that to support fertility, you should consume a mostly alkaline diet of vegetable, fruits, and sea vegetable, and limit acidic foods, including alcohol, sugar, excess animal proteins, wheat, and dairy.
  • Diet for PCOS
  • What lifestyle habits affect fertility?
  • Can you suggest a couple of recipes that you would recommend?

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