The Psychological Adjustment of Donor Conceived Children




Children conceived from artificial insemination are growing up. How are they doing and what can parents do to help? Join our guests Anne Catherine Hundhausen, director of the documentary Single Choice: Many Lives; and Dr. Joanna Scheib, assistant adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at the University of California, Davis, and research director at the Sperm Bank of California, the only non-profit sperm bank in the United States. Her office specializes in research on psychosocial issues related to donor insemination and reproduction.


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  • How are children conceived through artificial insemination doing as they grow up?
  • How are kids from sperm donation being raised by single mothers doing?
  • Does donor conception affect a child’s or young adult’s psychological adjustment?
  • Do children of heterosexual couples that chose donor sperm differ in their adjustment from children conceived naturally?
  • Should you tell children that they were conceived by donor sperm?
  • Should you tell children they were conceived with donated eggs?
  • Is it best to use an anonymous or open identity sperm donor?
  • Does donor conception through artificial insemination affect the child sense of identity?
  • Should sperm banks maintain information on sperm donors long term?
  • Does the desire to search for their donor affect a child’s adjustment and psychological development?

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