ovum-purpleQ: I just listened to your radio show on Egg Freezing. Very informative, thanks! In it, you mentioned a list of how to choose a clinic. I can’t seem to find that on your website. Can you please direct me to it?

A: The list of clinics I referred to is the CDC list that tracks success rates for IVF. Unfortunately, they don’t track success rates of egg freezing, probably because it is still considered experimental.

I don’t know of an independent source for the success rates or how many egg freezing cycles a clinic does, but this is how I would approach it. First, I assume if you listened to the Creating a Family radio show, you understand that the odds are not necessarily in your favor, and you shouldn’t postpone a pregnancy with the expectation of sure success. Second, if it were me, I’d be interested in going to a clinic whose clinicians are publishing in the peer reviewed journals on egg freezing. I list a couple of these articles under “egg freezing” on my infertility resources page. The hard part is getting access to these journals. You can probably rely on just the abstract, which are more readily available on the internet through a simple google search. If you can access a university library e-journal collection, that is your best bet to get the full articles. If not, most public libraries have access to a some medical journals for free. Ask them to do a search for you. Make sure to look for the most recent research. Then call the clinics the authors are associated with and ask how many cycles they did in the past two years and what their success rate is. The problem you will run into is that most people who freeze eggs don’t want to thaw and use them within just a few years, so pregnancy rates may be hard to come by.


Image credit: Athena’s Pix