funny-side-ivfSometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, so we offer up this UK Huffington Post blog post from their Lifestyles section — The Almost Funny Side Of IVF.

The author recounts the humorous parts of her infertility struggles and it will make you giggle if you’ve been down this road.

We loved her ending:

Obviously there is a very serious side to all of this. Believe me, there are days when I cry a lot. I cry for the baby we lost. I cry because some days everything just seems so unfair. I cry because I feel guilty for being resentful. I cry at Christmas adverts. I cry when I see puppies. Ultimately, I cry for what has been and what may be. But most of the time I continue to smile. I just don’t want to let it consume us because if this doesn’t work, we are left with just us, and that is still a very good thing.