Paying for Fertility treatment
What did you do to pay for fertility treatment?

For some the answer to the question of how to pay for fertility treatment is easy enough: health insurance or savings. For others it is much more complicated. Their insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment. They are still paying off student loans. They aren’t in high paying jobs. How do these folks afford IVF?

People often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The logical solution to not being able to afford something is to wait until you can. That’s the American way, right? However, waiting isn’t always the best choice when trying to get pregnant because every year that goes by means you are less fertile. Every year that goes by potentially increases the cost of IVF and reduces the odds of success.

We posed this question on the Creating a Family Facebook page and Twitter followers: How did you get the money for infertility treatment. The answers came back quick.

  • Cleaned out IRA 401k. Went up to our ears in credit card debt. Did yard sales. You name it. Never got pregnant. The debt was awful . Was like buying a house and then going to move in and its burned to the ground . It took 6 yrs to pay if off, with both of us working two full time jobs.
  • Saved up for a year or more, got the multiple cycle discount, and got a loan through the clinic for the rest.
  • Insurance paid for all but the meds. In total we probably paid just under $500. And yes we did achieve a pregnancy and had a baby boy.
  • We haven’t and didn’t, so we didn’t do fertility treatments.
  • We raised $3,000 over six months to do our IUI. This was all given by friends and family via a profile. Ask and you will receive. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with our miracle girl!
  • We worked extra jobs and cut our budget to the core. I would never expect someone else to pay for my infertility treatment. We did ask for any and all gifts (birthday, Christmas, etc.) to be in cash for us to add to our IVF savings account, and our families were happy to do that. Wasn’t a lot, but every little bit helps.
  • We went to a clinic that we heard about on one of your shows that has low cost IVF. Best thing we ever did!

How did you pay for fertility treatment?


Image credit: Tom Magliery