5 Things you must do before you go to a fertility doctor

For any number of reasons, most folks procrastinate making that first appointment with an infertility clinic…maybe they are hoping that somehow they will miraculously become pregnant on their own, maybe they are reeling from the thought that they are indeed infertile, maybe they are simply terrified of what this visit will bring and the decisions they will have to make.

At Creating a Family we believe that information is power. We also believe that information is the best antidote to procrastination. Here are 5 things you must do before your first appointment with an infertility doctor.

  1. Bring your insurance card. You may assume you don’t have coverage, but your clinic will have staff that is experienced with reviewing policies to see if any part of the visit might be covered.
  2. Bring your spouse or partner. They need to be a part of this discussion.
  3. Bring any results of general and recent health test results. Better yet, have them sent to your fertility clinic in advance.
  4. Have your full medical file sent to your clinic if you have been tested or treated for fertility issue by your gynecologist or another fertility clinic.
  5. If you’ve been tracking your ovulation on a phone app, ovulation predictor kits, or basal body temperature charts, bring these results/apps with you.

Don’t be nervous. Both you and your reproductive endocrinologist want the same thing—for you to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby! Stay positive; this is the first step towards achieving that goal.

To understand what to expect from your first few visits to a fertility clinic, what tests will likely be preformed, and how to interpret the test results, listen to this week’s Creating a Family Radio show with Dr. Beth McAvey, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist with RMA New York.

Image credit: Thomas Anderson