wash-post-ivfGood article in The Washington Post about one woman’s decision making process on what to do with her 3 remaining embryos once she had finished building her family.

She felt surprised by the strong feelings that the steps of the process elicited within her:

[W]hen I gave birth to my daughter, the three embryos that remained took on new meaning. As a pragmatic atheist, I still see the embryos as cellular masses, but the mother in me sees them as potential lives sitting in subzero-degree liquid nitrogen. Potential babies that might also have my nose….

After researching the options for the unused embryos, she goes on to say

I’ve decided I’m comfortable with the idea that my embryos will go toward stem cell research that might someday help people fighting cancer, Parkinson’s disease or heart disease. But it’s bittersweet, and I hadn’t expected this feeling of loss when I started my IVF journey.

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