Infertility and miscarriage are life-altering events, so it’s no wonder that people get tattoos to commemorate or memorialize this pain. Check out some of the best in our online community and please share yours in the comments.

Infertility Tattoo
Mallory: Though semi colon tattoos are often associated with suicide, I have one that represents when we ended treatment and started the adoption process. In grammar, the function of a semi colon is to join two independent clauses. So there was life before we embarked on becoming an adoptive family, and life after. It’s in the middle of a bunch of other tattoos here. I’m an ink addict.


Miscarriage Tattoo
Jamie: I got the blue flower at the top after my first miscarriage in 2012…flower of what should have been his birth month. The rest was done Feb of 2015….still haven’t had color added, but all the parts have various meanings.


Miscarriage tattoo
These are my daughter’s actual footprints. Born still in June 2015. They are on the inside of my upper arm…where her feet would rest if I was holding her.


Miscarriage Tattoo
Francesca: Got mine after my final miscarriage.
Stillbirth tattoo
Stacey: This was in honor of my son I lost at 39 weeks.
Miscarriage tattoo
Stacey: The birds represent my living bio children and the flowers represent my babies I lost in pregnancy (39w, 16w, and identical twins at 26w). The large bird represents God and His protection over all of them. (see the verse referenced). It’s on my left shoulder.

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