earliest signs of pregnancy

Anyone trying to get pregnant is desperately looking for the very earliest signs of pregnancy before they miss a period and before they take a pregnancy test. This is especially true for those who have gone through infertility treatments, such as an IUI or IVF. The two weeks between the fertility treatment and when your period is suppose to start can seem like an eternity.

The truth is that there are no sure-fire ways to tell during this very early time if you are pregnant. However, doctors tell us that the very earliest signs of pregnancy can (but don’t always) include the following.

Very Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

  1. Breast tenderness.
  2. Food intolerance.
  3. Smell sensitivity.
  4. Feeling of fullness in lower abdomen.
  5. Crampy feeling in lower abdomen.
  6. Spotting cause by small amount of blood released during implantation.
  7. Missed period. (Duh!)

If you’ve been pregnant, what were the first signs you noticed?

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