top highlights for infertility in 2016

2016 is just about over and it’s been a big year in the world of infertility. We summarize our choice for the top infertility related “news” in 2016. We also shared the our most popular infertility radio shows and blogs. I’m always amazed at what the top blogs and shows turn out to be. It is often not what I would have expected, as was the case this year in the top blogs.

Top Infertility News Stories for 2016

  • A major win! Congress passes HR 5325 providing for infertility care for veterans who sustained service related injuries which have impaired their fertility.
  • Good news about IVF. Research was released that shows “freeze-all protocols” are connected to significantly improved IVF outcomes—especially in women over 35. A patient goes through the standard IVF cycle through egg retrieval, but rather than doing a fresh transfer that month, she waits a month or more to allow her body to recover from the ovarian stimulation medications. It further allows infertility doctors to better time the embryo transfer to coincide with the ideal uterine window of implantation. We are making progress folks!
  • Zika. It’s not in the news so much in the winter months, the Zika virus was a huge news story this year. Little was said about the impact of Zika on those who were in fertility treatment actively trying to get pregnant. Creating a Family published The Definitive Guide to Zika for Those Trying to Conceive.

Top Creating a Family Radio Shows on Infertility in 2016

We always love to go back and see which Creating a Family radio shows were most popular. Sometimes we are surprised, and sometimes not.

Top Creating a Family Blogs on Infertility in 2016

What did we miss? What would you include in the list of top news in the world of infertility?