Adoptees for Justice requesting advocacyWe want to make you aware of a need for advocacy and citizen action. Adoptees for Justice recently posted this information on their Facebook page regarding the 2019 Adoptee Citizenship Act.

We’ve paraphrased their post here, to share it across our social media outlets.


Your signature on the petition and your voice to your representatives in Washington will make a difference for the many American adoptees who are currently without U.S. citizenship. Far too few adoptees (even within the adoption community) are even aware that there’s a problem with their citizenship. The 2019 Adoptee Citizenship Act aims to remedy that.

Here’s how Adoptees for Justice is asking for your voice:

1) Sign the petition Рto support #HR2731, which would grant American adoptees their citizenship, including those with criminal records and deportees. It would also provide a path home for those already deported.

2) Share this post, the issue, and the petition. Follow their Facebook page Adoptees For Justice to stay up to date with the campaign. When sharing the campaign on social media, be sure to use the following hashtags:

3) Call your Congressional Representative and ask him or her to support HR2731. Find your representative using this site:…/find-your-representative

4) Consider a donation to help keep up the fight for citizenship for adoptees:

5) Join the movement. Together we can do more! There are details about volunteering here:

Creating a Family also recommends the resources and information from the Adoptees Rights Campaign for staying abreast of the issues