What Do We Mean by “Special Needs Adoption” and Should You Consider This Option?

What are special need adoptions? Who should consider this option? Our guests to talk about special need adoptions are Susan Watson, Director at Spence-Chapin Adoption Services in New York City; Martha Osborne, Exec. Director of Rainbow Kids, an internet based photolisting of children with special needs awaiting adoption and a great source of information on special needs adoptions; and Nancy Fox, Director of Americans for International Aid & Adoption, with over 30 years of experience in finding families for kids from Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Korea, Russia, and El Salvador, with a special emphasis in special needs adoptions.

Hit the Highlights
  • What are special needs adoptions?
  • Are there different levels of special needs?
  • Is it possible to adopt a child with mild or medically correctable special needs?
  • Are their children with mild or moderate special needs available to adopt in the United States domestically?
  • How do you find a newborn American baby with special needs to adopt?
  • What are the differences between domestic special needs adoptions and international special needs adoptions or adopting a child with medical needs?
  • Are foster care adoptions considered special needs adoptions?
  • How to find a child to adopt from US foster care?
  • How can you get educated on the different types of special needs or handicapping conditions that a child may have?
  • What resources are available for learning about special needs and handicapping conditions.
  • Cleft lip/palate, albinism, club foot, limb difference
  • More boys are available for adoption than girls.
  • How much health information will you get on a child you are considering adopting?
  • How much information will you get on the severity of the special need?
  • Is there a shorter wait to adopt a child with special needs?
  • Does it cost less to adopt a child with special needs?
  • Is it faster to adopt a child with special needs?
  • Does your homestudy (home study) have to be different when adopting a child with special needs?
  • What country has children with special needs available for adoption?

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