Stop what you are doing right now.  I mean it.  Stop and take 18 minutes to watch this powerful

adoption documentary
Six Weeks is a moving look at a Polish woman’s decision to place her child for adoption.

and evocative film/documentary—Six Weeks by filmmaker Marcin Krawczyk. Oh my, I was blown away.  Krawczyk is one gifted director, and this is one great film.

Six weeks is the length of time a birth mom in Poland has to decide for sure that she wants to relinquish her child for adoption.  Krawczyk movingly captures the emotions of one mother making this decision.  I so appreciated his deft direction and balanced approach.  He doesn’t tell the story so much as allow the story and emotions to tell themselves.

The film focusses on all three participants in the adoption triad.

I’m tempted to say that the film is “about” a birth mother making the decision of whether to place her child for adoption, since she had the most camera time, but in fact what appealed to me the most was how Krawczyk wove the stories of the birth mother, the adoptive parents, and the infant.  The director says the film is about “the most important six weeks in the life of a newborn baby who is not conscious of its fate but can feel what is happening.”  He evoked the baby’s life and feelings beautifully.  Although my heart broke for the mother, I never questioned her decision or her love for her child.  I came away all the more thankful for the practice of open adoption that we use in the US.  The adoptive parents are seen only in the last minute or two of the film.  A lesser director would have focused more on the over the top elation they were feeling, but their joy come through all the more powerful for its subtlety.

I am dying to talk about this film with someone, so please watch and share your thought below. You can also read an interview with Krawczyk.

Image Credit: polishdocs