Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age studyThe Christian Alliance for Orphans just announced a large scale survey on how adverse childhood experiences may affect technology use.

The Vulnerable Children in a Digital Age Project is seeking participants:

We know the use of digital technology has exploded in the last handful of years, and its exponential growth continues to rise. There are many strengths and conveniences to these tools, but what is the impact on human development? More specifically, how do the risks and circumstances of children from hard places interact with the impact of technology on the wellbeing of children and youth?

Your participation makes a difference. There has never been a large-scale study on this topic, and better knowledge is needed now. You are part of this.

Qualified participants will be asked to take a 15-minute online survey. Parents of minors will be able to take the survey for multiple children. Responses will be kept confidential and participation is completely voluntary. For more details on the survey and how you can be part of it, go to the survey launch page.