As we’ve reported before, Congress is working on tax reform legislation that puts the Adoption Tax Credit at risk for elimination, along with many other tax credits. Many other groups are worried about the status of their tax credits and are working to protect them. These groups have access to funding and/or powerful lobbyists. That’s not the case with the community served by the Adoption Tax Credit. However, we know that these families are the most powerful voices for communicating the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit. YOUR stories are compelling and need to be heard. To safeguard the Adoption Tax Credit, we’re asking you to tell your story to Congress, showing exactly how it makes families possible.

There is a story-telling campaign going on right now and it’s super easy to participate! The timing is urgent. The Congressional summer session ends July 28 and a briefingĀ is scheduled for July 25th. So get your stories in and make a flood of videos than cannot be ignored!

To submit your family’s video detailing how you have been helped by the Adoption Tax Credit, check this link out. Tell your story and send it to Congress.

Share this post in your adoption and foster-related groups. Encourage your friends to tell their stories.

Please stop back here at this post, at our Creating a Family Facebook page, or comment in our Creating a Family Facebook support group when you’ve uploaded your video. Tell us what you said and maybe encourage others with how easy the process is to make your voice heard.

Please also consider “liking” and commenting on Save the Adoption Tax Credit’s Facebook page.

Let’s mobilize to Save the Adoption Tax Credit!