[httpvideo link=”http://kutv.com/embed/news/local/utah-couple-to-stop-adoption-return-baby-kaylee-to-biological-mother”]The Utah couple that was given custody of a baby (Kaylee) that was placed for adoption against her father’s will is planning on returning Kaylee to her biological mother, according to a news station. They claim that the father had been on board with the adoption throughout the pregnancy and that they were not aware that he had changed his mind.

It is not clear why the baby is being returned to the 19 year old mother,  rather than the 20 year old father, but the former adoptive couple has said:

“We believe the couple, if unfettered by legality and other pressures, will be able to decide what is best for Kaylee,” said the couple, who asked not to be named due to the amount of backlash they have received from this situation. “This is how the situation should have always been resolved.”