Transitioning Home: The First Months Post Adoption

The adoption process is often a long one, and people spend more time talking about getting your child home than what happens immediately afterwards. Karen Foli, author of The Post-Adoption Blues, talks about the early transition time for child and parent after an adoption, the signs and symptoms of post-adoption depression, who is at risk, and what works to help the parent and family.

Hit the Highlights
  • Why is the post adoption transition period such a vulnerable time for families?
  • How common is some form of post-adoption depression?
  • What are symptoms of post-adoption depression?
  • What should families do when one parent has bonded with the child and the other is still depressed?
  • What can parents who are experiencing post-adoption depression do to recover?
  • Why do parents experience post-adoption depression?
  • How does becoming a trans-racial family effect the post-adoption transition?
  • What can parents do when they love, but not like, their child?
  • How does post-adoption depression and attachment issues affect domestic infant adoption?
  • When should parents seek out the help of an attachment specialist?
  • What is the difference in transition times between infants and older children?
  • Can biological (or previously adopted) children experience post-adoption depression?
  • How can parents suffering from post-adoption depression find a therapist?
  • What should parents do when the child strongly prefers one parent to the other?
  • What can parents do when a child is physically aggressive?
  • What research is there about the post-adoption transition?

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