How to Find Potential Birth Mothers Online


Before you do anything online to find expectant mothers that might be considering adoption for their child, realize that these women are in crisis facing the hardest decision of their life. Your goal should be to find her and let her know that you exist and would love to parent her child if she decides that she is not able, but you must be respectful that it is her child and her decision.

  1. Social networks are free and can be very effective in spreading the word.  Set up a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, MySpace and YouTube account. Keep an ear to the ground for new social networks that are starting. Consider using an account name that reflects your interest in adopting. (Ex. Sarah & Ben Hoping to Adopt) or setting up a Facebook page specific to your adoption. See our lists of Do’s and Dont’s for Social Networking for Adoption.
  2. You must talk with your adoption agency or adoption attorney about what type of advertising your state allows you to do. This is absolutely crucial since you do not want to do something that might jeopardize the adoption if you find an expectant woman that wants to place.
  3. Build your online network by joining online adoption groups, for example on Facebook and adoption sites. One of the best is the Creating a Family Facebook Support Group. For suggestions of adoption Facebook groups and fan pages to join, check out the groups our Executive Director, Dawn Davenport has joined. (While you are there, friend her and she’ll accept.) You can simply click on the name of the group, and you will be directed to that group or fan page. Be an active member of these groups and pages by commenting and posting.
  4. Find people interested in adoption through Twitter. You can search for the word adoption on Twitter and get a list of people that use that word in their name or description. An easier way is to ask to be put on the adoption related Twitter lists maintained by Creating a Family. You can then also follow that list as a short cut to following over 1,000 people interested in adoption.
  5. Set up a website for your adoption journey.  Keep it simple. Include photos and your adoption profile.  (See suggestions on our Domestic Infant Adoption page) It need not be fancy. You likely will not get many hits, so this should not be where you spend the bulk of your money. It is primarily used as a place online to include the same type information in your adoption profile. You can link to it on all your social networks and YouTube videos.
  6. Although certainly not necessary, you may want to include a blog on your website. A blog allows you to share more of your personality; however, it is sometimes a bit of a challenge to know what to post.  You will need to be fairly upbeat, and avoid sharing some of the darker sides of the adoption journey, such as your impatience and frustration.  Remember, your blog entries can be just a short update on what is happening in your life.
  7. Submit your profile to adoptive parent profile sites. Just google around and you’ll find plenty. You should ask on the online adoption groups for what profile sites have been helpful. Balance the amount of money you are willing to spend with your chances of success.
  8. Many of the social networks have the option of buying advertisements. Some of these ads can be targeted to specific demographics, including age, education, and geographic location. You should link to your adoption website where interested expectant mothers and fathers can get additional information.
  9. Google ads can also be targeted to sites where you anticipate potential birth parents might be. Google uses the keyword, rather than demographic approach to targeting. Google ads allow you exposure outside of the social networks.
  10. Beware of adoption scams. Be smart, not afraid. Creating a Family has many resources to help you spot an adoption scam.