Tips for Preparing an Adoption Parent Profile for US baby adoption


  1. Be genuine. In other words, be yourself. Perhaps the best version of yourself, but still recognizable.
  2. The adoption profile must give the expectant woman a feel for who you are and what type of parent you will be.
  3. Write as if you are talking with a friend. Don’t dumb down your language, but don’t use a $10 word when a $1 word will do.
  4. Do not sound desperate. Yes, I know that you likely feel a little desperate, but edit that out of your Dear Birthmother Letter/Dear Expectant Parent Letter.
  5. Use action pictures in your adoptive parent profile whenever possible.
  6. Use a caption with every picture. Make your captions as descriptive as possible.  (For example, with a picture of Rob tussling with his nephews–“Here is Rob playing his favorite role—Uncle Robby.”)
  7. If showing a beach scene, avoid overly revealing shots of bikinis and Speedos. These type of pictures do not radiate parental vibes and are usually not appealing to woman who is carrying 30+ pounds of baby weight.
  8. After you finish your adoption profile have a friend in her 20s review it. Ask her if the couple described would be someone she would want to raise a child. Give her total permission to be honest. Of course, also have your social worker review the adoption profile as well. Listen to their suggestions.
  9. Post your adoption profile on adoptive parent profile sites, your adoption agency site, your website (if you have created one), and your Facebook page. Post about the availability of your Dear Expectant Parent Letter on Twitter.
  10. Let your family, friends, clergy, and obstetricians/gynecologist know you are hoping to adopt and where they can send a prospective birthmother to find your adoption profile.

Image credit: -=shutterbug=-