Back to School
Still willing to have their picture taken.

Back in the day, each August, my kids proudly and patiently posed for their first day of school pictures wearing their favorite new outfit and carrying their brand new back packs, Batman lunch boxes, and bags of pristine crayons, pencils and colored markers.

 Oh my, how times have changed. This year, it went like this.

Me: Yay, first day of school. How exciting!

Her: Whatever.

Me: We need to take the annual first day of school picture.

Her: Oh Mom, do we really have to do THAT again!

Me: Of course, it’s tradition.

Her: (running out the door) A lame tradition.

Me: (following her with the camera)

Her: This must be what it feels like to be stalked.

Her: Mom, seriously, I’m going to be late.

Me: If this is what you want your back to school picture to look like, fine by me, but just remember, I’ll be showing this to your kids one day.

Her: Sigh!! Oh, all rriigghhtt.

Her: Hey, take a picture from the back. I curled my hair.

Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement from what has happened with one of my other kids. I wasn’t successful at guilting this one, and had to capture him driving away in the car. Just wait till I tell his future kids about that!