From a communique on Thursday, December 7th, by The ATC Working Group Executive Committee, this call to action focuses on constituents asking both representatives in the House and the Senate to protect tax benefits for employer provided adoption expenses.

Thank you for your continued advocacy on the Adoption Tax Credit! With the power of your voices, the Adoption Tax Credit has been preserved in both the House and Senate tax reform bills. However, the tax benefit for employer provided adoption expenses would be eliminated in the House bill (but not the Senate’s bill). The Senate passed its bill over the weekend and now both chambers are working to produce a single final bill through a conference committee.

It’s imperative that you reach out to your members of Congress this week! You can call the switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or look up direct phone numbers here:

Here’s a sample of the language that the ATC Working Group Executive Committee recommends for the call:

  • Hello, I am a constituent and an advocate for adoption. I would like to leave a message for my Member of Congress.
  • I support the Adoption Tax Credit and believe it should continue to be preserved in a final tax reform bill.
  • In addition, I urge you to preserve the tax benefit for employer provided adoption benefits.
  • I ask that you speak with your leadership about the importance of preserving this benefit for employees seeking to adopt.
  • You can learn more at