baby-russian-adoptionQ: I am in the process of adopting a little boy between the ages of 4-6 from Russia. It has been going very slowly. My question is do you know if there is an all around slow down in all regions in Russia? My wait now is due to the coordinator in the DOE being out all of July which I had anticipated.

A: There are two good sources of info on whether your wait is out of the ordinary. First, your agency should be well versed in what is typical for your region, and if your wait is not typical, they should help you determine why. Second, I’m a big believer in networking with other adoptive parents. If you are adopting from Russia, FRUA is a great resource for finding out more. Yes, the internet is fraught with rumors, but on the more active forums the basic truth usually comes out. Good luck.


Image Credit: sam powers