interracial-couple-adoptQ: My husband and I would like to adopt a female child (0 to 4 years) with none to mild medical concerns. We are in our late 30s, have been married for 13 years, and have two biological sons. Having said all of that, we wonder if our being a “mixed” couple (he is Caucasian and I am AA) would be an obstacle for be accepted and/or matched in certain programs. We are open to domestic or international adoption. We would love and embrace a daughter of any race/cultural heritage. Do you have any insight/advise for our situation?

A: Being a mixed race couple will absolutely not be an obstacle to domestic or international adoption, and in fact may be an advantage, especially with domestic adoption. Although it is difficult to predict what characteristics an expectant mother might be seeking in a family to adopt her child, she might prefer a mixed race couple if her child is also mixed race. The same could be said for adopting children from foster care. Good luck.

Image Credit: Bob Julius