Single Parenthood

More women and men are choosing to become parents without a partner either by donor sperm, donor egg and surrogate, or adoption. What should you know before you make this choice? What advice can help you if you have already made the choice? Our guests are Mikki Morrissette, single mom through donor sperm and author of Choosing Single Motherhood, and Ann-Marie Kennedy, single mom through adoption.

Hit the Highlights
  • Are there some advantages to single parenthood?
  • I like my single lifestyle and freedom. Does this mean I am too selfish to be a mother?
  • How can single moms provide a good male role model for her child if she has no nearby or willing family member?
  • How to help the children handle the “Do you have a Daddy” question.
  • How to explain donor conception and donor sperm to children.
  • Advantages and disadvantages to using a known vs. an unknown donor.  If you use a known donor does it matter if you have intercourse, self inseminate, or use an infertility clinic?
  • How to find an anonymous sperm donor?
  • What criteria to use when selecting a donor?dHow to find a sperm donor agency?
  • Should you consider moving from 1 to 2 children?
  • Should you have a sibling for your child?
  • Suggestions for establishing a support network.
  • Complications of being an older single parent.
  • Discussion of whether to stay in a relationship or marriage if the other person does not want children and you do.