sharing child's history with teachersQ: How much information of your child’s past and history before they were adopted should you share with your child’s school?

A: Danielle Goodman, an adoption social worker, says you should only share information about the child’s history and past if is needed. If parents want to ask their child’s teacher to be receptive to possibly changing up some assignments in order to include all of the children, discussing their child’s history might be wise. Otherwise, your child’s information and adoption story is their own and shouldn’t be shared with others.

Danielle Goodman is an adoption social worker and the Regional and District Supervisor with Adoptions From The Heart. For more information on this topic, listen to the Creating a Family radio show: “School Issues for Adopted Kids and Families” and visit our blog: “7 Tips for Adoptive Parents at the Beginning of School Year“.

Image credit: Chicago 2016 Photos