Raising a Child with Attachment Issues

In 2010, a Tennessee mother “returned” her son to Russia because he was acting out. Is this the norm? Join our guests, Sue Gainor, chair of the parent support groups Friends of Russia and Ukrainian adoption; Nadya M. Molina, a psychologist who specializes in attachment therapy and Tom DiFilipo, CEO of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is happening with Russian adoptions?
  • Is it likely that Russia will implement the Hague Treaty?
  • How common are adoption disruptions?
  • Is there anyway to tell in advance which children are more likely to have attachment issues?
  • What is considered an “older child?”
  • What is attachment?
  • What is indiscriminant affection?
  • How long should parents wait before worrying about an attachment issue?
  • How can parents differentiate between typical behavior of a child transitioning to a new home and behavior that would indicate a significant attachment issue?
  • What can parents do to facilitate attachment?
  • How can parent find help if their child has an attachment disorder?
  • How can parents assess whether a therapist is qualified to deal with an attachment disorder?