Questions to Ask Adoption Attorney References-compressed


For Adoptive Parents

  1. When was your adoption completed?
  2. What risk factors, race, special needs, or health status were you open to?
  3. What services did the lawyer provide before and after the adoption?
  4. Did the lawyer help match you with an expectant mother?
  5. Did they provide options for pre-adoption education?
  6. How close were the cost and time estimates that the lawyer gave you?
  7. Were there any hidden charges?
  8. What was the total cost of your adoption?
  9. Was the lawyer up front about all possible medical or legal issues? Did they help you get additional information?
  10. Did you have any problems with the lawyer? If so, how were they resolved?
  11. Did they seem impatient with your questions or anxiety?
  12. How promptly did they return phone calls and send requested material (if applicable)?
  13. Was the lawyer helpful when you were traveling to adopt from another state?
  14. Would you use this lawyer again?
  15. Can you give me the names of others who used this lawyer to adopt?

For Birthparents

  1. How did you decide to place your child for adoption? Did you feel pressured into making an adoption plan by the lawyer?
  2. What support did the lawyer give you during and after your pregnancy? Did you feel like you received adequate support?
  3. How did you hear about this lawyer?
  4. What sort of relationship do you have with your child’s family? Do you feel like the lawyer provides support for that relationship?
  5. Would you recommend this lawyer to a friend who was considering placing a child for adoption?


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