Preparing Children for Adoption

Parents have a long time to prepare for the addition of a child through adoption — sometimes a very very long time. Children to be adopted are often given very short notice of this life altering change. How can parents help prepare their child to be adopted for this change? What is reasonable to ask of orphanage workers, agency personnel and case workers? What works? Our guest are Rhonda Jarema, Director of Support Services with Nightlight Christian Adoptions and mom through adoption of five kids; and Whitney White, International Education Counselor with Lifeline Children’s Services.

Hit the Highlights
  • What can adoptive parents do to help the transition of a newborn to his or her adoptive parents?
  • How can adoptive parents work with expectant parents and hospital staff to smooth the transition of an infant to a new adoptive home?
  • How can parents prepare babies and children adopted from foster care for adoption?
  • How can parents help children transition from foster care to adoption?
  • How does preparation of a toddler for adoption differ from preparing an older child for adoption?
  • What type of items should adoptive parents include in a care package being sent to a toddler that is being adopted from abroad?
  • Should you change the name of a child that is adopted internationally?
  • Does the age of the child matter when deciding whether to change the child’s name?
  • What factors should parents consider before changing their adopted child’s name?
  • How can parents prepare a child between the ages of 3 and 6 for adoption?
  • What items should parents include in a care package being sent to an older school age child they are adopting from China, Ethiopia, Russia, Colombia, or any other country?
  • How can parent facilitate bonding and attachment with an older child they are adopting internationally while in the child’s birth country?
  • What type of activities facilitate bonding with adopted children when parents first meet the child?