Parenting the Adopted Adolescent


Adolescence presents developmental challenges to all kids. How are these challenges different for the adopted child and how can parents help? My guest will be renowned psychotherapist and attachment specialist, Dr. Gregory Keck, whose new book is titled Parenting the Adopted Adolescent.

Highlights of the show (click to expand)
  • How much control do parents really have over their adolescents? How much should parents try to control their adolescents?
  • How involved should parents be in their children’s schooling?
  • How should parents handle curfews?
  • How does adoption affect adolescents?
  • How do adolescents explore their own ethnicity and being part of a trans-racial family?
  • Trans-racial vs. trans-cultural adoptions
  • How hard should parents work to instill cultural identity in trans-racially adopted children?
  • Searching for birth families
  • Open adoptions
  • How much information about their pre-adoption life should parents share with their children?
  • How do rejection issues manifest themselves?

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Image credit: Cedric Fayemendy