Open Adoption in Difficult Birth Parent Situations

Even if you completely embrace the idea of open adoption, there are situations that make it difficult. How should adoptive parents navigate an open adoption in these situations? Should they even try? Join our guest, Nancy Burley, Executive Director and founder of Adoption Circle, an Ohio child placement agency. She has twenty-five years of adoption experience working directly with all members of the adoption triad and is a state certified adoption assessor and one of the writers and trainers of the state required curriculum for certified adoption assessors.

Hit the Highlights
  • Should you remain in contact, and if so how, if the birth parents have abused the child?
  • Why should parents try to maintain relationships with the birth family in difficult situations?
  • How to deal with a large extended birth family?
  • How should parents deal with birth parents that are not good role models?
  • How should parents deal with a family history or alcohol or substance abuse?
  • How should parents deal with obvious difference between openness in multiple adoptions?
  • What should parents do when the birth family is reluctant to maintain contact?
  • What should parents do if the birth parents have another child who they do not place for adoption?
  • Should adoptive parents bring up sensitive topics or with for their children to ask?

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Image Credit: pedrosimoes7