No-Cry Sleep Solution

Sleep issues are common for all children, but especially for adopted children. What should parents do to help their adopted child fall asleep? Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, talks about how to get kids to sleep at night and how to keep them there.

Hit the Highlights
  • How common are sleep problems?
  • What is a sleep plan?
  • Is sleeping in on the weekends harmful?
  • How can parents set their children’s biological clocks?
  • How can parents encourage regular daily naps?
  • What should parents do with children who are reluctant to sleep?
  • Should parents reward their child to help him go to sleep?
  • How can parents train their children to sleep alone?
  • Should children be allowed to cry themselves to sleep?
  • What are progressive relaxation tips for children?
  • How do you put multiple children to bed in separate rooms, with separate bedtime routines?
  • How can parents train their children to put themselves to bed and at what age is that realistic?
  • How can parents help their children sleep through the night?
  • When should parents transition their child from crib to bed?
  • How can parents train their children to sleep later in the morning?
  • How long are children affected by jetlag?
  • How to deal with a child who prefers one parent put him to bed
  • Which foods and drinks induce sleep?
  • How can parents transition from two naps to one?
  • How should parents handle sleep arrangements with more than one child?

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Image Credit: Pedro Klien