nicole-kidman-lionIn a recent interview with CNN for her new movie, Lion, Nicole Kidman spoke about her journey to motherhood. Kidman built her family in a variety of ways. In a previous marriage to Tom Cruise, she adopted two children with him. More recently, she and husband Keith Urban had two biological children, one through traditional means and one via surrogacy. For her, it wasn’t as much about the process by which she had the children. It was more about her strong maternal instincts and her desire to be a mother.

“I suppose my maternal instincts and drive has always been there since I was little … and that’s a huge driving force of who I am, which is why I probably played it out in so many different ways. I am a mother because I love being a mother.”

For Kidman, this new movie is about keeping adoption in the conversations. It’s also a very personal statement about motherhood. “I’ve made films that make philosophical statements or examinations of the human condition and all, but this for me is a film very much about life and about connection and the strengths of mothers.”

Lion opened in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 25th.