When I sit down to write a list like this, I always get overwhelmed with the possibilities. They are endless. How global and world peacey Adoption & Infertility Hopes and Wishes for the New Yearshould I go, how much navel gazing is allowed? I can easily survey my list and feel self centered and petty. Who am I to be wishing for _______, when there are people dying from war and famine in ___________. I want this list to be specific to those of us touched by infertility and adoption, but first, for the record and to appease my guilt and self consciousness, let me say that I hope, wish and pray for peace and dialog between countries; for wisdom, support, and safety for our leaders; and for economic stability internationally, nationally, and personally.

Now here’s my list, in no particular order, for those of us in some way involved with adoption and infertility.

1. I hope all of you who desperately want a child will have one by the end of 2018, or at least one on the way.
2. I pray for wisdom for all of you in infertility treatment in making all the big and small treatment decisions.
3. I wish that more countries would actively promote adoption as one part of their child welfare system, since every child in the world deserves a permanent family.
4. I hope for major advancements in infertility treatment that will make it affordable for all. (See the great Dec. 10th Creating a Family show on this topic.)
5. I pray that more people will look to our foster care system when considering adoption.
6. I wish there would be more understanding and less competition between those who decide to continue in infertility treatment and those who decide on adoption.
7. I hope that parents through donor egg and sperm will be open to the hard-earned wisdom of the adoption community about the benefits of telling children early about their genetic history.
8. I pray that the truth that adoption works can overcome the negative publicity that seems to surround all forms of adoption.
9. I wish for wisdom of state legislators as they consider the impact of legislation that can affect the availability of infertility treatment in their state.
10. I hope, pray and wish for each of you the joy, worry, contentment, and sleep deprivation of parenthood.

Please join in and add your hopes and prayers for 2018.

Image credit: Larry Eiring