Are You Ready to Stop Fertility Treatment & Move to Adoption?

How do you know if you are ready to stop infertility treatment and switch to adoption? If adoption is Plan B, should you even consider it? Join our guest infertility and adoption therapist Carolyn Berger to talk about moving from infertility treatment to adoption.

Hit the Highlights
  • Should you stop infertility treatment and apply to adopt if you aren’t enthusiastic about adoption?
  • How long after a failed IVF cycle should you wait before deciding to adopt?
  • A discussion on staying in fertility treatment at the same time you are applying to adopt.
  • What factors should you consider when trying to decide between using donor egg with IVF, using donor embryo (embryo adoption) and traditional adoption.
  • Should you consider adoption if adoption is definitely Plan B and you would still prefer to get pregnant?
  • How to decide if adoption is second best or second choice?
  • How hard should you push your husband towards adopting a child, if he is reluctant.
  • What to do when one spouse wants to stop fertility treatment and adopt, while the other spouse wants to keep trying to conceive?
  • How to handle the fear of adopting a child that may have greater problems than you can handle.
  • How do you resolve your grief over your failure to conceive?
  • What options do non traditional families have for adoption? (Singles, same sex couples, older couples)