Kyrgyzstan has suspended the accreditation of all foreign Adoption Service Providers (ASPs) operating in the country for 30 days.

A notice published by the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs on Friday, December 21, 2018:

The Kyrgyz government notified the U.S. Department of State that it has suspended the accreditation of all foreign Adoption Service Providers (ASPs) operating in the country. Although the Kyrgyz Ministry of Labor and Social Development’s (MLSD) notice (see below) only cited a failure to submit post-adoption reports as the reason for the suspension and indicated that the suspension would be for 30 days, the Kyrgyz government has indicated to the Department that it has additional concerns and that the suspension could be longer, as explained below.

Following public allegations of misconduct involving certain U.S. ASPs, the MLSD has begun a thorough review of Kyrgyzstan’s laws and procedures related to intercountry adoption, which could be a lengthy process resulting in the enactment of legislation. The U.S. accrediting entity is also reviewing allegations relating to Kyrgyz adoptions.

The Department does not yet have information on how cases in process will be impacted.  Prospective adoptive parents should stay in contact with their ASPs.

While the suspension is in place, the Department encourages all adoptive parents and ASPs to continue to comply with Kyrgyzstan’s post-adoption reporting requirements.  Kyrgyzstan requires the submission of four post-adoption reports.  The first report is due no later than seven months after the adoption is completed, and subsequent reports should be submitted at one, two, and three year intervals after the adoption is completed.  After three years, reports are required as requested by the MLSD.  The reports should be completed by a social worker, notarized and translated into Russian or Kyrgyz, and submitted to the MLSD with a copy to the territorial division of the MLSD where the child’s adoption took place.  ASPs should notify the Kyrgyz Embassy in the United States in writing that reports have been submitted to the Ministry and to the territorial division of MLSD.  Please also email a copy of the notice to    

Questions regarding this announcement can be sent to

from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic