542970446_12b8105c1b-1Take a look at what has inspired or disgusted me in my travels through cyberspace this week.

  • I recently received a copy of a new book that is absolutely great, titled Do you Love Someone Who is Infertile? by Shari DeGraff Stewart and Julia Fichtner Krahm.  The subtitle is a good summary of the contents: What you can do to help her, what to say to support her, and what you should never do or say.  The following are words of wisdom from the preface:

    Those of us who have faced infertility have found ourselves saying [I never thought I would be here] again and again, each time with growing disbelief. Many people have no idea that you spend your time caught between two worlds: the life you always imagined as a mother and a frightening place where that dream keeps slipping beyond your reach. The fear and grief you are feeling are more than enough with which to contend, but added to your burden is a world in which no one seems to “get it.”

    This beautiful book, written by a psychotherapist who is also infertile is a good place to start helping others in your life “get” what you are going through.  If you suffer from infertility and other’s ignorance of this disease, I suggest you buy a copy of this book to send them with a gentle note saying that you know you’re sometimes hard to live with and that infertility is hard to understand from the outside, so please accept this book as a way for you to explain infertility.


Image credit: SiRGt