Internet Roundup: Best of the Net for Infertility and Adoption

Dawn Davenport


Do you like these stories from our weekly adoption and infertility internet roundup?

Do you like these stories from our weekly adoption and infertility internet roundup?

Here are this week’s best stories about adoption and infertility.

  • OK, this may be unfair to the rest of us who post our humble adoption videos online since we aren’t Katherine Heigl (actor) and Josh Kelley (musician), but it was just too good to pass up.  You must watch this music /adoption video for Josh Kelley’s wonderful song “Only You” about his 3-year-old daughter, Naleigh, adopted from South Korea. Great song, great video, total feel good experience. It was directed by mom Heigl.
  • Week’s Best Pic: I Told You to Stop Throwing Your Duck or You’d Get Time-Out


    I know, I know, borderline inappropriate, but didn’t it make you giggle?

  • People seem to have such strong unyielding opinions on the topic of whether it is ever appropriate to select the gender of your child that it is often hard to have a discussion. This article, Sex selection is a complex issue with many nuances,  explores the topic well. I also recommend the Creating a Family show we did on Gender Selection When Trying to Conceive.
  • Why I Chose To Stop Preaching Adoption. I loved this post/article in the Huffington Post because it shows the evolution in parenting from being an adoptive parent to being a parent.  The mom adopted “older kids” (4 and 5) and for the first several years sings the praises of older child adoption to all who would listen, but gradually stops.  She stops “preaching” not because the bloom is off the adoption rose, but because she’s grown past identifying as an adoptive family. She explains it better than I do, so check out the article.
  • Do These Embryos Make the Grade? The details of embryo grading may seem a bit dry, but it is important if you’re going through IVF, and this blog did a good job of explaining the details. It’s a fast and easy read, so don’t be put off by the topic.  The blog was written for the embryo donation audience, but the info is equally useful for the average IVF patient, if there is such a thing.


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8 Responses to Internet Roundup: Best of the Net for Infertility and Adoption

  1. Avatar Von says:

    Nothing borderline about that photo…shame on you!!!!! Or doesn’t it matter because it is only an adoptee?

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      Von, I can’t tell if you’re being tongue in cheek or not. That’s one of the things I hate about the internet–the inability to read people’s body language and such. Actually, it came from one of those awful round robin type of email. This one titled something like “You Know You’re a Redneck When…”. I only scrolled down a few of them, but this one made me laugh.

  2. Avatar Jennifer says:

    Who said the child in the photo was an adoptee?

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      I think Von was playing around when she said that. I promise, no adoptee or non adopted kid was harmed in the making of this pic. I wish now I had taken some pictures when my son was trying so hard to duct tape himself to a wall. He should get some recognition for all his efforts. I do have some pictures of him in a duct tape boat he made when he was trying to see how long it would float in our pond. Truthfully, they aren’t as cute as this picture, but don’t tell me boy. In case you’re wondering, a duct tape and paper boat floats less than 3 minutes.

  3. Avatar Kristin says:

    I did get a good giggle from that picture. While I would never advocate doing that to a kid, the idea is funny.

    The post about embryo grading was great.

    ICLW #66

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      Funny thing is that one of my son’s spent at least two years from 10- to 12, trying to figure out how to do that to himself, or friends. I nixed the idea of trying with younger sibs.

  4. Avatar Sara says:

    “Because China is where my daughter was.” has to be almost the best adoption quote of all time. If we are ever lucky enough to have a placement succeed I am so stealing that line!

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