Finding the Right Adoption Agency for You

How can you tell a good adoption agency from a bad one? What questions should you ask an adoption agency when selecting the best domestic or international adoption agency for you?  Join our guests Julie Tye with The Cradle, Debora Phillips with Children’s Connection, and Laura Beauvais-Godwin with Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is a reasonable time frame to expect someone at an adoption agency to return phone calls or emails.
  • Should you expect to talk with someone in person at an agency to get answers to your questions prior to selecting an adoption agency?
  • What questions should you ask an adoption agency to determine how quickly you will be matched with a prospective birth mother?
  • How long do good adoption agencies provide counseling to birth mothers post adoption?
  • Do adoption agencies handle the legal work in interstate adoptions or do you need to hire an adoption attorney on your own?
  • Adoption agencies have two types of fee structures depending on whether the agency or the adoptive parents assume the risk.
  • What is a reasonable payment schedule?
  • What are Internet Confidentiality Agreements and should you sign one?
  • What type of protection against identity theft should an adoption agency have?  How should an adoption agency protect confidential client information?
  • What type and how much adoption education should a good adoption agency require?
  • How do you determine the financial stability of an adoption agency?
  • Should you agree to sign a waiver of liability in your contract with the adoption agency?
  • What post adoption services should you expect from your adoption agency?