Haitian Orphans Six Months After Earthquake

What has happened to the children of Haiti in the six months since the earthquake? Are Haitian adoptions being processed? Will Haiti allow international adoptions? What can we do to help the children and orphans of Haiti?

Hit the Highlights
  • How many orphans were created by the Haitian earthquake?
  • Where are these children now?
  • What is happening with international adoptions from Haiti?
  • What is the waiting time with Haitian adoptions?
  • What are the adoptive parent requirements for adopting from Haiti?
  • Can you adopt a child that was available for adoption before the earthquake?
  • Are Presidential Waivers available for adopting a child from Haiti if the adoptive parents do not meet the strict adoption requirements?
  • Can abandoned children be adopted?
  • How can we help the children on Haiti?

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Image Credit: Blue Skyz Studios