Fox and Friends has yet to release a direct statement about Dr. Ablow's remarks on the show.
Fox and Friends has yet to release a direct statement about Dr. Ablow’s remarks on the show.

We have heard nothing specific from Fox News on our email campaign soliciting an apology for Dr. Ablow’s statement on the Feb. 15 Fox & Friends that David Brock, the founder of Media Matters, was paranoid and obsessed with power because he was adopted.  Dr. Ablow did  publish the following statement.

David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America, is not one of my patients. I have not interviewed him, and I would never hazard a diagnosis of him. He is, however, a public and influential person whose [behavior] may be best seen through a psychological lens.

Ablow then goes through a lengthy recital of things in Brock’s past that he thinks indicate paranoia and a need for power, and concludes by acknowledging that he has “no idea what may have led David Brock to such apparently fundamental self-doubt and possible self-hatred.”

I suppose it is a victory of sorts that he pointedly omits the one thing he said in his on air statement as the cause for what he sees as Brock’s dysfunction—the fact that he was adopted.  It seems clear that his written explanation was in direct response to our campaign and the statement of others; however, it is far from enough.  It seems to me much more a a defense of his on-air psychoanalysis of people he has not met journalism style, than an acknowledgement that he was wrong to perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices. Allowing misinformation publicly aired to remain publicly uncorrected is a grave injustice. Fox and Ablow should seize this opportunity to educate the public (and themselves) about this stereotype and prejudice against adopted persons.

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