Fox News Called Someone “Adopted” to Attack Their Politics

Dawn Davenport


A psychologist has used adopted to attack another person for his politics.

A psychologist has used adopted to attack another person for his politics.

OK, I’m hot under the collar now. I just received an email that some psychologist on Fox News had attacked someone by calling him adopted.  Nah, I thought, this is not possible.  Not in this day and age. Yes, some people might think it, but no one is going to actually say it live on national TV.  But oh, how wrong I was.

Dr. Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist, when discussing the politics of someone named David Brock , who has something to do with an organization called Media Matters, actually said on live TV:

This is an adopted boy who needs to plumb the depths of his psyche. He was adopted. Many adopted children are tremendously well-adjusted, but for some reason, this man feels he’s unloved and unlovable, shunted to the side, and that’s the antidote he feels: unlimited power.

I imagine right about now, you are thinking that I’m wrong. That I absolutely must be mistaken because no news organization would stoop that low. So, listen for yourself.


What? What?? WHAT?!? I had no idea who David Brock or Media Matters were, but could guess that they are liberal if Fox News is disagreeing with them.  But that’s beside the point. I don’t give a rat’s behind about why someone would say such a thing, or even if they are right and he is wrong.  I care that an entire group of people are being defamed.  Why would anyone in their right mind use the adoptive status of someone in a public attack?  Being adopted does not make someone liberal or conservative or right or wrong.  This type of attack is hurtful and wrong.  It is spreading biased prejudices around.  It is disgusting.

P.S. My Google-fu resulted in the following about Media Matters taken from their website. Normally I steer clear of anything political, but I’m just ticked off enough to give this some publicity.

Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.

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17 Responses to Fox News Called Someone “Adopted” to Attack Their Politics

  1. Avatar Julie says:

    Adoptees…. ATTACK!

  2. Thanks for owning that…. As for Dr. A? I have heard him on The Today Show, Fox and other sites. And always, I shake my head and wonder at his reasoning…. Let’s just say I’m of the “more common sense” and “less socialist psycho babble” than he apparently is – especially with regard to parenting and relationship conversations. I usually just turn it off when I see him lined up as anyone’s “expert.” The one that torqued me the worst (before this!) was about parties and party food in schools. Talk about leftist leanings. OY. Following the discussion here, on the next post, and on FB – very interesting conversations for sure…. thanks for bringing it to light.

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      I feel kind of out of touch since I hadn’t really heard of Dr. A or David Brock or Media Matters before. Do I live under a rock someplace?? No, just don’t watch much TV other than Netflix. 🙂

  3. I am so curious: why do you keep saying “even” Fox News?

    As for Dr. Ablow? I don’t appreciate his comments, but they certainly don’t surprise me. I rarely get the logic of his “expert opinions” and find him to be way off kilter from good old fashioned common sense on almost every topic I’ve ever heard him speak, no matter the network. I will however, join in and make my voice heard. This is inexcusable.

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      Gang’s Momma, well to be truthful, I’m not particularly proud of that dig. When I re-read the blog the next morning, I winced. I did use “even” twice in the first blog when I was irate, but the next day I was more careful with my language. It was wrong and probably a cheap shot. I hadn’t heard Dr. Ablow before so can’t voice an opinion of what he is usually like, but I think he was certainly off kilter on this one.

  4. Avatar MSmom says:

    I really don’t see anything wrong here. This Dr’s job in this segment is to look into the psychology of a person and share his ideas on why they may behave the way they do. Isn’t it a fact that this person was adopted? Isn’t it a possibility it affected him in the way this Dr mentioned or does that never ever happen? I wish adoption was all sunshine and roses but it’s not.

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      MSmom, it seems to me that when arguing about someone’s politics, bringing up the way they entered their family has no place. If David Brock was in a counseling session with Dr. Ablow, then by all means all relevant issues should be explored, including the possibility of unresolved grief about his adoption. This, however, is not at all what was happening here. This is also not about trying to imply that adoption is all sunshine and roses. It is not. It is also not a sentence to mental instability. However, I do appreciate that you felt comfortable to disagree. All sides are welcome here.

  5. Avatar Julie says:

    Just sent this message…

    I just heard your bashing of a man because he is an adoptee. What kind of so-called mental health professional generalizes in such a way. This man may be all of the things you say he is but the fact that he’s adopted has absolutely NOTHING to with his strengths or weaknesses. You owe the entire adoption community a huge public apology.

    Julie Foxx
    Adoptee and Adoptive Mother

  6. Avatar Keiko says:

    What the ever-loving f-ck. Dr. Ablow is nothing more than a Fox News shill and a quack/hack doctor at best. Disgusting.

  7. Avatar Natalie says:

    The fact that Keith Ablow has the audacity to call himself a mental health professional has always floored me.

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      Oh, according to his website, he is quite the authority. He says he is “one of America’s leading psychiatrists.” Until yesterday, I had never heard of the guy, and I couldn’t care less about the rightness or wrongness of his politics. I do care that about his prejudices that he airs on national TV.

  8. Avatar Jerry Clarke says:

    Thanks Dawn, for posting this. Apparently nothing is too low for Fox News.

    • Avatar Dawn says:

      Jerry, I can’t quite figure out why they did it. Is it that the label of “adoption” truly does carry with is such a stigma of instability??? I find that hard to believe. If not, though, why would he have used it as an insult?

  9. Avatar Gemma says:

    WTF, WTF! I think this needs publicity.

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