The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) announced this week that applications are now being accepted for their annual Foster Youth Internship Program. If you know of a young person who meets all of the requirements and would be interested in this amazing opportunity to see policy being shaped at the highest levels of advocacy and legislation, share this story with them.

From CCAI’s website, here is a description of the program:

CCAI’s Foster Youth Internship (FYI) ProgramĀ® is a highly esteemed congressional internship for young adults who spent time in the foster care system. The FYI Program began in 2003 as an effort to raise awareness to federal policymakers about the needs and unique perspectives of those who spent time in foster care. As part of the program, CCAI organizes retreats, advocacy trainings and various networking opportunities with experts in the child welfare field. Throughout the summer, the FYI Program interns spend time researching about policy issues affecting foster children across the country. These experiences allow the interns to create a policy report that is presented at a congressional briefing and released to child welfare advocates across the country.

The requirements, from the CCAI application process, are as follows:

1. Applicants are expected to have strong writing, grammar and research skills.
2. Applicants are required to have a strong interest in improving federal child welfare policy.
3. Applicants are required to have spent at least 24 consecutive months and/or at least a total of 36 months in foster care during any point in their lives and be willing to share their experiences to raise awareness and effect change.
4. Applicants are required to have completed at least four semesters at an accredited institution of higher learning, such as a college, university, or vocational school by the start of the internship (May 29, 2018).
5. Applicants are required to have completed the Spring 2017 semester at an accredited institution of higher learning such as a college, university or vocational school prior to the internship (May 29, 2018).
6. Applicants are required to be in Washington, D.C. for the entire duration of the program (May 29 – July 27, 2018) and participate in all mandatory weekend and evening events. Because of the unique group dynamic, as well as important orientations, training and end-of-program events, selected participants will not be allowed to arrive to the FYI Program late or leave early. Those considering applying for the 2018 FYI Program with known conflicts with the program dates are encouraged to apply the following year.